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bjsurvivor's Journal

Blowjob Survivor
I have a great (and twisted) sense of humor, but am not, myself, funny. I adore many styles of music and art, but am not, myself, artistic or musically capable. I love life, but if you mistake me for a pro-lifer, I'll probably punch you in the face. I love sex and am willing to try most anything, but I am a one-man woman (I've tested this, so I know!). I am childfree, though I had a case of baby rabies that lasted for several months not too long ago. I am 36 but my biological clock has been and currently is silent - except for that few months of baby rabies which must have been a result of my nursing school rotation in labor & delivery/postpartum - for the vast majority of my reproductive cycle. I am politically Liberal - don't you dare call me a "progressive."